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What A Proper Audio-Visual Install Looks like

Retail Audio Visual

Retail and Store A/V in Southern California

Our services are here to help you achieve audio-visual excellence in your building or buildings. The modern business looks nothing like the business buildings of even ten years ago. The modern business of today has lights, sound, and different platforms for product and service showcasing. We are here to help you with your growing needs for retail AV.

We want to help you install a brand new audio-visual system in your business that will help everything run smoothly each business day. We have dedicated teams of people who will help you complete the install, and we will consult you so that you get exactly the audio-visual equipment that you need. It is important to have a solution that can work for the long term and yet be adaptable for your future business growth needs.

Step 1 - Review Of Location(s) and Assessment of Needs

We will have a look at your building sites and determine what products will be needed to achieve the goals that you are after. We will use our review of the building to make a list of items that will be needed, as well as expandable options that may be helpful. Along the way we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need. We can create an audio and visual plan for your business based on your needs, wants and goals.

Step 2 - Recommend Complete Solutions

Because retail business locations come in all sizes and shapes, we will recommend products to you based on your needs and you can customize and choose the options that suit you best. We can customize solutions to any size budget. The products we use are the best in the industry, and we do not offer you anything that will not be perfect in your space. From front to back we will help put the right plan in place for your retail spaces.

Step 3 - Install The Control Panels

We will place the board that controls your sound and lights in a position where you may use it easily. We will ask you where you prefer to have the board, and install it there if possible. The setup for the board is our main concern, and we will create a workstation where you may control the lights and sound. Accessibility and functionality are chief concerns when installing your control station.

Step 4 - We Use The Best Cables

The cables that connect your board to the lights, speakers and microphones must be of the highest quality if you want to get a better signal and the highest quality sound. We understand that you will lose the sound quality when you are not using quality cables, and we will supply the cables you require. We have industry connections that allow us to give you good prices, and we will lay out every cable you need during the install.

Step 5 - We Hang Everything Professionally

Installation typically requires quite a lot of hidden cables as you do not want the people in your business to see all the cables as they come into the building, and the cables are a safety hazard if they are left out in the open. We would never prepare your system with unsafe cables, and we will use the best techniques to hide every cable.

We label all the cables to ensure you know what they are in the future, and we will explain the labels if there is any confusion. We create a system that may be repaired in the future, and we allow you room to grow.

Step 6 - We Give You Clear Instructions

We will sit down with you to explain how the systems work. We have learned many tricks and shortcuts over the years that will help you run your system easily and with few instructions, and we will share that information with you before you begin using your lights and sound systems.

Now you have a brand new array of sound and light in your business that will help make every business service gorgeous to view and experience. Our installation helps you make your business look modern, operate like a cutting-edge business and provide the sort of audio-visual presence that customers have come to expect.

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