Corona Audio Visual Installation

Corona Audio Visual Installation

Corona A/V Installation

Corona Audio Visual Installation

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At Muzeek World, we sell and install cutting-edge audio visual equipment that meets the needs of your church, business and school. We are a passionate team of a/v professionals who are customer-focused experts and always strive for your 100% satisfaction. Our dedication to problem solving has influenced us to develop state-of-the-art solutions, installations and modern designs with real-world usability.

We take on each and every unique project as an opportunity to bring creative solutions to today's high-tech office space. We listen to our clients and meticulously examine all the innovative ways we can enhance their multimedia work environments.

If you are looking to only purchase products and need guidance with self-installing, then we have you covered. Our special discounts, along with our exceptional customer service, make Muzeek World the perfect solution for your audio visual needs. We are experts at providing the products and services you need while staying within your budget.

Commercial A/V Solutions

  • -We specialize in providing audio visual solutions for retail stores, restaurants and corporate AV needs
  • -We offer a wide range of solutions, from high fidelity ceiling speakers to elegant small surface mount speakers
  • -We sell, install and integrate full audio designs that work for your individual business
  • -We carry all the major manufactures like Bose, QSC, JBL, Tannoy, Biamp, Yamaha, Sountube and many more
  • -We offer both wired and wireless solutions that meet your needs
  • -We integrate a wide range of systems that can easily be controlled via an IOS device or wall mounted controls
  • -We integrate video and audio in the best manner possible with today's technology

Recording Solutions

  • -Our extensive lineup of affordable and high-end recording equipment means that we have a solution to fit all needs
  • -We carry all the major manufactures like Avalon, Neumann, Dangerous Music, Retro, Emperical Labs, Burl, Universal Audio, Yamaha Nuage, Focusrite and many more
  • -We offer the full line of Argosy Console Desks to support any type of recording studio from an in-home small studio to a large high-end professional studio
  • -We offer acoustical treatment designs that can make the difference between small projects and professional studios at an affordable price


Church Audio

  • -For over 16 years, we have provided churches with economical, yet high tech, solutions at the best prices
  • -We offer professional consulting, design integration and installation services
  • -Our product purchase power allows churches to save money on quality equipment
  • -We specialize in digital console, In Ear monitoring and wireless microphone discounts
  • -We provide churches with FREE speaker designs and we help educate churches with today's technology to keep them up to date on every possibility


Why Choose Us?

  • -Our technicians are extremely professional and highly skilled in the products they install.
  • -We offer all the above services as a package, cutting down the costs involved in hiring multiple companies.
  • -We provide superior customer support before and after a project; our techs are available to help train your production team and answer any questions you have.
  • -We are nationwide; we take on projects all areas of the country. We are ready to cover the miles to supply all of your audio visual needs.
  • -We are committed to excellent service from design to completion of every job.
  • -We honestly know what we are doing and take every effort to make sure the job is completed in the best possible manner.

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